It’s not easy to find a good trader who understands that risk control is equally as important as good profits. The problem is that most companies promoting traders (and many times even the traders themselves) never personally invest money alongside their clients. They simply hype up something that sounds good and then promote it as a great opportunity. Because they have “no skin in the game” they have little concern when things fall apart. Their attitude is to collect some fees while they can and then move on to a new trader and a new group of investors. They have no vested interest in the long term success of their clients.


At EARN4X we invest our own funds alongside our traders before we ever offer the opportunity to our clients. We sit in the same boat as our clients. Because of this we are very selective about the traders we choose to work with, only working with those who share our vision of controlled risk and consistent profits.

EARN4X - Managed Account Program

Follow the EARN4X Managed Account at a CIMA Regulated Broker with Zero slippage and Zero latency.Your account earns the same as our Master PAMM Plus account.

$1,000 - $4,999 deposit
$5000 - $99,999 deposit
$100,000+ deposit

Average Monthly Growth

Monthly profit target

Historical Drawdown

Max allowed Drawdown



35% performance fee
30% performance fee
25% performance fee


6% - 8%



Available at ATC BROKERS LTD

ATC BROKERS LTD is regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (1448274).


ATC BROKERS LTD is a premier brokerage firm providing online trading solutions within the foreign exchange industry to clients ranging from retail to institutional traders.


To learn more about ATC BROKERS LTD, visit:



ATC Brokers Limited is regulated by the

Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (1448274).



Set participation levels, stop

equity loss limits, and subscribe

or unsubscribe instantly

during market hours.



Client deposits segregated

at top tier bank.

Program Overview


The trading group behind the Earn4X Managed Account Program applies a dualistic approach to the markets by first closely analyzing market fundamentals and technical levels for each currency pair to determine trade direction and entry points, and then implementing their proprietary multi-phase software to monitor, execute, and apply a predefined exit for each trade.


At the leverage/risk profile traded on our conservative ATC BROKERS LTD Master PAMM Plus account, the EARN4X trading group targets 2-3% monthly profits while aiming to keep risk below 10% from new equity highs.  We feel this is an excellent reward to risk profile for institutional clients.


The current Master PAMM Plus account available to EARN4X clients is traded at 3 times the leverage of the conservative account and targets 6-9% monthly profits while aiming to keep risk below 35% from new equity highs.  Using ATC’s PAMM Plus technology, clients with a lower risk tolerance can choose to decrease the leverage on their account according to their personal risk appetite, effectively lowering their returns as well as their overall risk exposure.

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